There’s something about driving a stick shift that’s just a really special experience. Being able to plow through the gears in exactly the way that you see fit might be just the way to show that you’ve become one with the automobile. Now, there are definitely arguments about which is better and how an automatic transmission would be more efficient but sometimes, getting through those gears is just something that you are dying to do. Sometimes, though, an automatic transmission simply isn’t an option that you’re going to have to choose from.

When it comes to the big rig trucking industry, at least up until recently, an automatic transmission wasn’t something that you would normally see. Even today, with these massive trucks, an automatic really isn’t the norm but instead, drivers are forced to use manual transmissions that take a step beyond the complexity of simply throwing the five or six gears as you roll your way down the highway. Instead, the gears can be doubled or even tripled to make sure that the driver has ultimate maneuverability over the truck in any situation. With such a heavy load, having low gears to get rolling can be just as important as having the higher gears to be more efficient on fuel.

This time, we tune in to see exactly what it’s like to shift an 18 speed transmission. Now, it’s not what you would think if all of your experience with the manual transmission is from a standard in your car. It’s not necessarily like the gears are even in order and it’s definitely something that you’re not going to be able to hop in and go up against confidently without some sort of instruction. If you follow along to the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re talking about when you get the luxury of being able to witness somebody who has the process down pat.

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