Speedkore Unveils a Full Carbon Fiber Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Body at SEMA 2017

This should take care of Demon’s extra weight.
While we’re awaiting for first 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons to arrive, Speedkore crew out of Grafton, Wisconsin has been busy bolstering Mopar beast’s already impressive figures. They are known for their classic muscle car carbon fiber body panels as this 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda will demonstrate. Yet, not many of us have expected they’ll be jumping on board the Demon train. A feat they’ve executed admirably by creating a lightweight carbon fiber Dodge Challenger SRT Demon body.
This is, however, one of the most expensive ways to shed 250 pounds off a car in history. Speedkore will sell you the full package (installation included) for $70,000. Furthermore, the awesome carbon tear paint job will cost you additional $20,000. Bring two and two together, and it’s easy to figure out you can actually buy another Challenger Demon for that kind of money.
Although Speedkore will replace all the Demon’s body panels, that’s far from everything they’ll do. Front splitter, rear diffuser and spoiler are also part of the package. Needless to say, they’re also 100% carbon fiber. And 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon isn’t the only Mopar that can become a subject to this conversion. Speedkore crew also offer full carbon fiber body panels for other Challenger models, including the SRT Hellcat.
But, what does Speedkore’s carbon fiber Dodge Challenger SRT Demon body kit do? Apart from shedding 250 pounds, of course. It gives further boost to Demon’s already ludicrous performance. Conventional models are able to clock a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds. Speedkore carbon package-fitted Demon, on the other hand, should be able to do it in 9.40 seconds. This can be a difference between winning and loosing at a drag strip. But the price will arguably be way too high for most drag racers out there. Still, you gotta admit that Speedkore’s unique paint job looks all kinds of cool and menacing at the same time. Check the gallery for more photos:

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