Well, I believe we may have found a new benchmark for reaction videos, guys! You know by now that we love watching people react to being strapped into badass cars and trucks, but this one sets the bar for a totally different reason. While this guy’s girlfriend certainly does have a great response to his big block powered Nova, this one stands out for the driving!

While most of these videos just show some hard digs or top end pulls, this guy decides to whip a couple of gnarly, smoky donuts right in the middle of the road. As you can imagine, that really grabbed our attention! I wish we knew more about this build, but we do know a couple of key facts. We know the car is a Chevy Nova, and we know it’s powered by a very healthy sounding big block. Looking around the cockpit of the car, it is bolstered by a roll cage and the rear seats have been removed in favor of some lightweight sheetmetal and decals, giving the car a decidedly pro street feel, although we would have to see more of the Nova to know if that label fully applies.
I will admit to being a bit indignant when the driver said he was going to “do a wheelie”, and I’m not convinced he did actually pull the wheels on this particular pull since he’s on the street, but it’s clear that this car has more than enough power to yank the skinnies when there’s a little more traction available.

After whipping the donuts, our wheelman does a nice little pull that illustrates the car’s top end power as well, with his girlfriend doing the best she can to balance her giddiness with what looks to be a hint of fear, though she hardly seems to be terrified. Instead, she fights back a huge grin, balanced by that feeling you get in your stomach when you go for that first ride in a badass hotrod that makes you wonder if you’ve made a terrible mistake. All ends well, though, and she obviously enjoyed the ride, so maybe we’ll get to see her take a trip down the track and experience and actual wheelstand some day?

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