The Ten Coolest—And Rarest—Convertible Muscle Cars Ever Made

The Ten Coolest And Rarest Convertible Muscle Cars Ever Made

It’s summertime, who needs a top?

In the 1960s and 70s, automakers took a stab at some convertible muscle cars. Some of them were mass produced, others are some of the rarest cars ever made. All of them are cool.


1967 427 “Tri Power” Corvette

Perhaps not as rare as some other cars on the list, how can you not love a car that came from the factory with side pipes?


1970 Mercury Cougar XR7

What happens when you can’t decide between “Luxury” and “Muscle” as design cues in the good old days? You mash ’em together and this is the result. The 428 cubic-inch, Super Cobra Jet, Ram Air motivated it but only a handful were sold.

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