When you’re out and about on a motorcycle, lots of moving parts come into play that needs to work together perfectly in order to make power and get that out of the ground. One of the most important components might also be one of the simplest in the chain that turns the rear wheel. While some components might have a little bit of flexibility in if they need to be working at 100% efficiency or not, removing any efficiency from your chain is sure to create a bad time for those looking to have a little bit of fun on two wheels.

This time, we follow along with a situation that has a chain in danger, operating at full efficiency while the rider of this motorcycle speeds to some pretty dangerous lengths on the highway, however, it doesn’t last very long as the equipment beneath him decides to malfunction. It’s kind of scary to think that a failure like this could happen while traveling at close to 200 mph, but lo and behold, the bike reaches 189 mph and the chain decides to give in, making sure that it will no longer support the power moving through it.

You would think that this could be something that could end up being a complete catastrophe as a chain-moving that quickly could end up erupting and causing damage to the bike and rider alike, potentially making the situation get dangerous. However, luckily for this rider, it was a simple break and the bike just simply ceased moving. We’re sure that he would rather have not broken the chain but if you take a look at the situation, this is probably a best-case scenario given the circumstances that already unfolded. If you ever wanted to know what a high-speed chain break would look like, now is your time to check it out.

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