When it comes to making an entrance to a meet or an event with your custom car, there’s no cooler way to do it than to roll up with a trick custom trailer for your hotrod. This Viper owner clearly knows that, and has taken “trick custom trailer” to a whole new level. The Viper itself is a gorgeous custom painted version that rides on a badass set of wheels that look great tucked under the bulging fenders.

However, let’s be clear, the start of this video is the insane custom built trailer. While there is little info available about the trailer itself as far as who may have built it, its obvious a lot of time and care went into it’s construction. With a Viperesque silhouette that just screams “There’s a monster inside”, the trailer reminds us of a funny car body, especially when it’s lifted from the rear to reveal the car inside. With a perfectly matched custom green and black paint job, the unique car hauler serves its purpose with style and probably attracts as much attention as the Viper tucked neatly inside it’s shell.

The owner gives us a walk around view of the trailer as it opens and closes, but doesn’t actually pull the car out, unfortunately. We would love to find out more about who builds these trailers and what all goes into the construction, as there has to be a massive untapped market for swoopy, cool, custom painted car haulers for the enthusiasts out there that want to protect their cars while still showing off what’s riding inside. This one will be hard to top, but we can’t wait to see what’s next, should this become a trend

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