Tire-torturing line-lock feature to be standard on all 2018 Ford Mustangs

Tire-torturing line-lock feature to be standard on all 2018 Ford Mustangs

For all you who are burnout fanatics, here are good news?!

Ford is escalating its war on tires.

The electronically-controlled, burnout-enabling line-lock feature that introduced on the 2015 Mustang GT will be standard on all 2018 Mustangs, including those equipped with the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Line-lock is activated via an on-screen menu and engages only the front brakes to allow you to spin the rear wheels while keeping the car stationary. Its ostensible purpose is to help warm up the tires before a run down a drag strip, but it’s just as good at making it easier for you to impress (or annoy) your friends with a smoky burnout.

The feature was previously only offered on the V8-powered GT and Shelby GT350 models, but the Mustang isn’t the only Ford that’s been doing its part to keep Tire Rack in business. The Focus RS compact’s Drift Mode won’t let you do a burnout, but does help the all-wheel-drive car to drift.

On 2018 Mustangs equipped with the new, full digital instrument cluster option, there’s also a graphic that depicts a smoky burnout under the tachometer, just in case the sound and smell of actual burning rubber isn’t enough for you.

In this video bellow you can see¬†Vaughn Gittin Jr., who doesn’t just race a Ford Mustang, he designs and sells his own version of the American muscle car. Watch him tortures MUSTANG TIRES:



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