Oh, prank videos.
With the prank video, we have discovered a whole subset of YouTube that really leaves you wondering exactly what’s going through peoples’ minds. These different experiments allow us to take a look inside of human nature, that is, if they’re actually real which many have brought into question, criticizing the people who create them and accusing them of hiring actors to carry out roles in the way that they see fit, offering up the most offensive video that they can possibly come up with to get those clicks rolling and help the ad revenue skyrocket.

However, on the other hand, when you see some videos like this you can’t help but wonder if they’re actually real because if they are, well, it really shows how shallow certain people can be. In one corner of the prank world, we discover that the gold digger prank is a phenomenon that has really blown up to be quite big. The common thread through these videos seems to be a man approaching a woman with maybe a little bit of a pushy pick up attempt. From there, most of the time, the man in question gets denied and makes off to get into his high dollar supercar where the woman in question will take a second look at him before getting shut down as he calls her a gold digger and accelerates into the distance.

We’re not really sure where to start with a video like this other than saying that it’s really an odd place that entertainment has evolved to in the year 2018. The video below takes the liberty of compiling some of the most notable gold digger pranks so that you can get a look at them to see what happens in the odd series of events. After watching these pranks, do you think that the interaction is genuine?

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