Top 10 Of The Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1970!

Top 10 Of The Quickest Muscle Cars Of 1970!

The year 1970 was a particularly great time for muscle cars. Especially the early 70’s before the “death of an golden era of american muscle cars” due to a changing market, oil crisis and increasingly strict government regulations.

The early 70s brought about change in the auto industry. The government put in new emission limits and carmakers started producing engines that ran on low-lead fuel. Manufacturers detuned the powerful engines of the 1960s to meet the government standards. New federal motor vehicle safety standards forced automakers to change the bumpers to heavier, sturdier metals, adding weight and further cutting performance. These new restrictions significantly downgraded the performance of the muscle cars.

Almost every major American manufacturer wanted a piece of the cake to themselves, and because the competition levels were so high, some truly wonderful cars saw the light of day at that period.

We can sit here all day and bicker about which car looked the best, or offered the best driving sensation, but there is one thing that’s written on paper and cannot be disputed. Those are of course the acceleration figures.

Well, if we’re being completely honest, there was a lot of shady business involved with this move as well, as different manufacturers used all sorts of tactics to dwindle down those times, but let’s not get into speculations.

In case you follow the Youtube channel V8TV on regular basis, you had a chance to see some stunning muscle cars from the Brothers collection, and today, they decided to focus on the quickest rides from the year 1970. To back up their claims, they found a bunch of vintage magazines which drag raced these monsters. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this highly entertaining video.

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