If you’re a parent and just so happen want to get your kid into a nice and wholesome hobby that will absolutely drain their bank account and void them of all financial means to get into something bad, you might want to take a look at drag racing. It won’t only will take up every last dime that they have as they try and buy parts to shave a tenth or two off of their quarter mile time, but it will also take up every last ounce of time that they have as they spend weekends at the track testing and tuning and their nights wrenching on their machine as they put that money to good use.
This time, we catch up with an event at a drag strip that takes a stab at getting the kiddos involved in the world of racing at a young age and it’s incredibly interesting to watch, surprisingly enough. For starters, every kid is hooked up with their own personal Power Wheels, each one lined up next to one another as they go all the way across the track and set off a race that is unlike any other normal drag race as each and every kid gets their foot pinned to the floor and goes after it, getting tied up in a little bit of friendly competition with their fellow kids.
The video below takes you to the scene as all of these excited kids get a chance to take their first real look at drag racing that allows them to get behind the wheel of something and feel what a little bit of competition is like. Who knows, something as simple as this could lead to one thing which turns into another and eventually has these kids addicted to racing and going to the track every single weekend. What better way is there to get the youngsters tied up in something like racing?

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