When it comes to building a car, there are definitely a lot of routes that you can take in order to get to your finished product. Even when you select the genre of car, things can still be pretty complicated. For example, if you pick out a muscle car as your vehicle of choice, there’s still a whole bunch of different directions that you could go in.You could choose to make something a little bit more subtle that’s performance-oriented but leans toward the “sleeper” end of the spectrum, something that has a little bit of flash but won’t completely stop everyone to make them stare, or you could go completely overboard, bringing about the flashiest of components to make everybody within a ten mile radius halt what they’re doing and take a look.
If the title wasn’t enough to give away what kind of build this Ford Mustang has become, the massive hunk of chrome sticking out of the hood might be a little less subtle of a way to tell you that the owner of this machine is going all out and drawing as much attention as humanly possible and he’s doing pretty darn good job of it too. Not only does this thing have three superchargers hanging off of the massive V8 that makes quite a grumble but each and every one is decked out with a shiny chrome coating. You definitely don’t see things like this very often and if you do, it’s something that you’re going to want to invest your full attention in looking over.
If you follow along in the video below, you might just see one of the most impressive machines that you have laid eyes on in a while. Everything about this Mustang, from top to bottom, screams all about how it’s probably the most extreme car in the entire lot. You can tell that it’s something that the owner should be incredibly proud of. I’m sure that they can’t drive this thing anywhere without being absolutely swarmed by people who want to take a look and probably get a picture as well. Oh yeah, did we mention that it has nitrous as well!?

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