Twin-Engined Lada Is a Crazy Russian Build with a Straight-8 “Motor”

If you’ve ever driven a Lada, regardless of the model, you can be forgiven for screaming about the underpowered nature of the car. Of course, with Lada sedans being built on a Fiat base, there are a few engine swap path available. However, that path is for the weak, at least if you ask the crew behind the build we’ve brought along for today.

You see, this Lada now packs two motors – by connecting two factory units, the project car packs a 2.7-liter straight-eight. Now, in case you’re thinking this build looks like it’s put together as a bet or a joke, you’re right, since it’s probably both.

At least in the current form of the toy, the two L4 motors of the contraption are joined together at the crankshafts by using a pressure pulley. Of course, this isn’t the best solution for generating power, nor is it the sturdiest one.
Then there’s the way in which the newfound muscle reaches the ground: with the car driven in the notorious Russian winter, tons of screws have had to be placed in the rear tires.
For now, the eight-cylinder slice of Mother Russia can complete the 0 to 60 km/h sprint in around six seconds. However, once the rough edges are ironed out and the snow melts away, we might just see the Lada punching into warm hatch territory.
As for the driving experience, this has to be more engaging that one can imagine. And it’s enough to check out the weight distribution of the vehicle to understand why – for one thing, the radiator hanging over the nose of the thing comes straight from somebody’s home. The sprinting behavior? Well, the torque starts arriving from 2,500 rpm onwards, while the third gear pulls reportedly feel the most impressive. Speaking of the season that defeated Napoleon and Hitler, you should know that Garage 54, the crew behind this project, has also come up with a creature that’s more suitable for the white stuff. We’re referring to another Lada (of course), namely a Niva that has been given a 6×6 conversion.

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