Viper-Powered 1968 Dodge Charger RTR on Jay Leno’s Garage

If you missed this year’s SEMA show, Jay Leno found one of the wildest builds we’ve seen. Burbank, California is a long way from Sweden, but Johan Eriksson and his team are proud of their latest build. The 1968 Charger RTR has been chopped, channeled, and made to fit on a C6 Corvette chassis. We actually have a 68 Dodge Charger downstairs waiting to go under the knife, so we approve of the new undercarriage. The reason for the Corvette suspension is that the unibody chassis and torsion bar suspension aren’t much fun in the corners.

Before you get upset and assume its an LS-powered Dodge, listen to the unique exhaust soundtrack. It comes from none other than the Viper‘s V10 breathing through twin turbos. A Viper six-speed transmission was also included, along with a sleek billet shifter. Power is sent to tiny 24″x15″ rear wheels, which required a few hours of metalwork for a proper fit. Every body panel was cut & welded to create a Charger unlike any other. With 1,000 horsepower on tap, it will give the new Challenger Demon a run for its money with traction being the great equalizer. Tell us what you think of the RT/R and stay with us for more updates from Jay Leno’s garage.

P.S. Didn’t we mentioned that this stunning car is worth nearly $800,000!
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