Most of the time when we’re talking about jet cars, we’re talking about them blasting down the drag strip, where they often reach speeds nearing 300 MPH through the quarter mile. While that is always a spectacular show, there’s more to the show than that for many jet cars, who travel around the country making appearances at events and races from coast to coast.

Many of them will head out during the week between races and do… well… this! The video below shows a jet dragster using its massive turbine engine to obliterate a junk car, setting it on fire with the flames from the engine and blowing pieces of the car into the distance with the thrust. With the brakes locked down on the jet car, the massive jet engine erupts, immediately destroying the front half of the cherry red Pontiac Grand Prix. Within just a few seconds, the car is no longer red, as the paint has been replaced with a charred coating as the jet car continues to pound the car with super-heated air moving at hundreds of miles per hour.

You can almost feel the power through the screen when the jet car driver pops the afterburners, sending a shockwave through the air that actually causes the camera to shake from the power. Just a few more seconds in and the whole Grand Prix is engulfed in flames, the car now charred from front to back. It takes only moments for the jet car to destroy the car completely, and then the engine’s telltale scream drops back to a wail, then silence as the show ends with the Pontiac still burning. If you ever have an opportunity to see one of these cars in action, we cannot stress enough how cool they are. You’ll want to bring hearing protection, though, as they do make a lot of noise!

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