Drag Racers know how to party. This isn’t really that big a secret, and if you have any doubt about that, just take a stroll through the pits at ANY event after the racing has concluded for the day, especially the pits of the teams that just took home the win. While they have been known to get out of hand now and then, most of the time there are beers and pizza to help wind down after a day or weekend of thrashing to post up the best numbers possible and earn a big win.

There are teams that take things to a whole different level, though. It’s nothing to see “Icee” machines filled with adult beverages, for chilling and easy dispensing into those little red cups that seem to multiply as the night goes on. I’ve also seen coolers stacked full of Jell-O shots, jars of homemade moonshine and countless other methods of delivering alcohol.

What you’re looking at is the ultimate conversation piece, assuming your conversation either takes place before or after the massive machine has finished with its duty. That duty, of course, is mixing the all-too-important margaritas! That’s right, race fans! A massive blown V8 blender that belches flames from the exhaust and uses the torque created by the blower to churn the blender blades and mix up the icy concoction for those standing by waiting for a drink.
The guy running the blender is wearing Bob Bode Racing shirt, so this could be in the pits of the longtime funny car racer, or he could just be a fan with Bode’s shirt on. Regardless, this dude has the best job at the after party, and we hope we run across this insane blender on our journey, so we can partake in the nitro-blended ‘Ritas!

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