Where will the horsepower wars end? Or will they?

Where Does it End? Every year the cars get faster and there seems to be no end in sight

Every time Chevrolet announces, “This is the fastest ___ ( Corvette or Camaro ) ever produced by GM!” I’m left a bit in shock. Yeah, I should be used to it by now, but I keep thinking we have to be near the end of the line in terms of horsepower and track times, but that end never seems to come.

I remember the “King of The Hill” C4 Corvette. Yeah, that reign lasted a good long time, but eventually the C6 Corvette ZR1 came out and dethroned it. A Vette that topped 200 mph? Yep! At the time it was “the most powerful Corvette ever!” Well, that reign didn’t last nearly as long. The new C7 Z06 makes more power, costs less, and only loses the top-speed race due to increased track-bred aerodynamics (which ultimately causes mph-robbing drag for top speed runs). If we thought the newest C7 Z06 was stupid fast around a track, then what will the new 2018 Corvette ZR1 be? Yep, spy shots are out there of the latest and greatest Corvette to ever prowl the highways and racetracks, and it looks to be even more insane than the last insane Corvette churned out by the General.








News on the Camaro side is just as amazing. The base Gen-6 Camaro SS was faster around the track than the Gen-5 1LE SS. If that wasn’t enough they stuffed a 1LE package on that Camaro and it ran Big Willow (at Willow Springs) 3 seconds faster than the 2017 Camaro SS that was already faster that the Gen-5 1LE SS. See where I’m going with this? Then, just to make me even dizzier, they added a 1LE package to the 2018 Camaro ZL1 (which was already faster than the previous Gen-5 version) to make it 3-seconds faster than a “standard” ZL1! And they haven’t even unveiled the Z/28 I know they are secretly working on. It’s crazy to think blown 650-horsepower muscle cars are now commonplace, but that’s where we are today. Tomorrow? Who knows, I’ve given up even trying to guess.

And it’s not just cars. Look at transmissions. I remember when a five-speed auto was an “oh wow!” moment. Well, that became 6, then 8, and now we have a 10-speed automatic in the ZL1 that’s faster around a road course than a manual! Ten gears? Seriously? Where does it end? Every new introduction is an “oh wow!” moment these days. Hell, even the trucks are getting faster with the new 6.6L Duramax diesel spitting out 445 horsepower and an insane 910 lb-ft of torque! How long until we see factory trucks putting out over 1,000 lb-ft?

So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this whole progression of performance keeps chugging along because I’m dying to see what the next “oh wow!” moment will be!