Sometimes, there are things that really make you wonder but you didn’t know that you were curious about them until they were presented right in front of you. If you’re not sure what we are talking about, this video provides quite a prime example of such a phenomenon. Honestly, I would’ve never thought to use a substance like WD-40 as motor oil but when the concept arose, it really makes your mind think of what exactly would happen in such a situation as it’s put to the test in real time with a real engine.

When you think about it, it might just be something that’s crazy enough to work. When you break down exactly what the core concepts at hand here, oil is a lubricant that makes sure that all of the metal in your engine is able to stay cooler and reduce friction, therefore eliminating as much wear as possible so that the mechanical components under your hood will last longer. Now WD-40 is a lubricant as well that you might use around the garage in plenty of applications but it really leads you to wonder how well it would do in this application. Sure, it shares the same basic concepts as motor oil but would it provide enough lubrication? Will the substance be able to live up to motor oil in other ways such as operating temperatures and boiling/freezing points?

The Project Farm YouTube channel comes through yet again to answer all that and more, providing us with another completely random yet strangely compelling YouTube experiment that we can really sink our teeth into. The channel really does come up with some obscure experiments but we really can’t help but keep our eyes trained on the action as they try out all sorts of different combinations to see exactly what could possibly work. With this one, you’ll get a rundown on WD-40 as it gets out of its element to see just how far it can be taken as a motor oil replacement.

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