When you’re picking out just the right truck to not only be a comfortable driver but also be a workhorse, there are a lot of choices to decide on. It’s not like you just go to the dealership and all the choices are pretty similar but instead, you need to pony up on everything from options to your source of power and everything in between. You have to decide if you want to step up to a four-wheel-drive truck or if a two-wheel-drive work machine will do for exactly what it is that you need to accomplish. It’s a tough decision but thanks to videos like this, it might get just a little bit easier to make.

In this video, we go along for the ride as GuitarmageddonZL1 and Durtymax Jack decide to trade trucks with one being powered by a gasoline powered V8 engine and the other with a Duramax diesel under the hood. Now, obviously, the diesel-powered truck is going to be a lot better in most facets of performance and efficiency, but this time, we get to see how each driver reacts to the other’s truck, getting a first glance at how exactly life would be if they elected to go down another road in terms of what powerplant they decided to go with.

Follow along down in the video below that will show you the difference between these two trucks from the perspective of the opposite owner. After watching this one, you might just be able to get a better grip on if you need to spend all that extra money on diesel or not. At the other day, it probably would be the choice of most people who have the money to pick and choose, however, that choice also comes with a premium and, with this video, you might just be able to decide if that premium is worth sinking your hard-earned money into.

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