Already the fastest woman on two wheels, it wouldn’t seem as if Valerie Thompson had very much to prove, however, because she wasn’t number one overall amongst women and men, she thought otherwise. While charging forward and attempting to climb to the record that is currently set at 376 mph, Thompson would pop into her motorcycle and attempt to go out and set the new world record, however, a pretty big boatload of adversity would come her way as the machine wouldn’t exactly cooperate with that forward momentum and instead choose to take his very own path with tons of resistance ahead.

At the insane speed of 343 mph, about 200 mph more than pretty much anyone on this earth will ever experience under their own power, Thompson scared the life out of everybody in attendance and probably herself as well, sending the motorcycle on its side and eventually up into the air as the machine would be left at the hands of intetia for an entire mile, sliding along the bed of Australia’s Lake Gairdner at the World Speed Trials while she could do nothing but hold on to hope that at the end of the slide that everything would end up being okay.
After the accident was done and over with, we would discover that Valerie would only suffer very minor injuries and nothing that would prevent her from trying again in the future. In fact, it looks like the damage that was done to her rig was very minor and the team is going to get back to trying to fix it before they make another attempt at the record later this year at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

With an attitude like that, we would be so inclined to say that you can never lose and it will be very entertaining to watch as Thompson continues to chase down that land speed record on two wheels.

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