The World’s Best Police Cars!

The World’s Best Police Cars!

We are witnessing frequent occurrences where police are in hot pursuit and chasing criminals. Some of them are spectacular and most often end up bad for the bad guys! But hey, check out these cool supercars in which the criminals stood no chance in pursuit against the police ! There’s no doubt who is on losing side …

(some of them are real, in everyday use, some of them just made for public with good cause such as raise money for local children’s hospitals, helping collect funds for good goals etc…)

Get scrolling, and tell us which you like – or are scared of – the most, via the comments thru social media networks.


Italian State Police Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini has just donated a second Huracan to the country’s Highway Patrol. Like the first, it will be used for “normal police operations”, as well as the urgent transport of blood and organs. Naturally, it isn’t entirely standard. There’s the same 610bhp N/A V10 and all-wheel drive system, sure, and all the normal stuff you’ll find in any regular police car. Lights, sirens, radios, a video camera and gun rack – it’s all there. The tyres even have special blue sidewalls to match the ‘Police Medium Blue’ bodywork.


UK Police Ford Mustang V8

This is a picture of a Ford Mustang decked out in police livery. You’ll agree, it looks fantastic.

It is – apparently – a pre-production model, displayed at the National Association of Police Fleet Managers trade show. So it’s a bit off policing the streets of the UK.But, as cop cars go, it’s certainly up there amongst the coolest around. Or is it?



Carabinieri Alfa Giulia QV

Italy’s smart-suited Carabinieri – the harder, military arm of the Italian police – had some amazing company cars.

Being suave, sophisticated types, they didn’t just slap some stickers and two-tones on a bunch of Fiat 500s. Oh no. See, the Carabinieri have form when selecting patrol cars. Previous fleets include Lamborghini Gallardos, Huracans and Lotus Evoras. But this time they stayed on home turf and went for Alfa’s new M3-rivaling saloon, the 503bhp Giulia QV.


UK Rolls-Royce Ghost police car

Yes, a police Rolls-Royce is now a thing. Sort of.
With a twin-turbo V12 and 603bhp it’s fast enough to catch almost anything that attempts to flee, and there’s space in the back for many criminals.

The police-liveried Rolls-Royce Ghost up top is in fact the work of Rolls-Royce itself, which fitted this Black Badge with flashy lights and a Sussex Police livery to raise money for local children’s hospice Chestnut Tree House.


Dubai Police BMW i8

The quote is brief, but clarifies what we’ve wanted to know: that Dubai’s police fleet is the coolest police fleet in the world. “The Dubai Police Force has always sought, through the introduction of sports leagues within its vehicle fleet, to enhance the security presence for the police, and to keep up with the highest international standards of technical and scientific developments.”

They’ve got a Lamborghini, a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a McLaren and others, but now they’ve just added Top Gear magazine’s 2014 Car of the Year to the garage: a BMW i8.

Yep, the petrol-electric hybrid with looks straight out of a science fiction comic has landed in the Middle East, and has added yet another astonishing motor to a collection of cars that is fast becoming, well, fast.


Dubai police Ferrari FF

Announced on Twitter, Dubai’s police force admitted that yes, they had bought a V12-engined pursuit vehicle in the shape of the four-seat Ferrari FF. The four-wheel drive will doubtless prove vital for all those snow-and-ice police chases across the UAE.




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